Tuesday, 15 November 2011

Sunday, 13 November 2011

100 Orgasms

This is my submission to the 100 Orgasms art project being run by Elinros Henriksdotter http://www.henriksdotter.eu/    I hope you enjoy reading it, viewing it!! :)

100 Orgasms – My Best (recently!!)

When I mentioned this project to my partner he said; ‘goodness, how do you choose from so many?’  I had to explain to him that many women put up with few orgasms in their sex lives and have grown used to it.  So, when a good one comes along it is memorable.  Hopefully that good one comes with a good sexual partner and it can happen a lot more often!  This got me thinking; ‘would we ask a man this question?’  Probably not since he would find it difficult to choose,

Come on ladies –
Make sure your man knows how you sing
What makes you go ding a ling.

 It is our duty to ensure there are no crap lovers left in this world by insisting on our right to have as many orgasms as guys do.  It requires some thought and effort and some damn good fun ;) and a cunning linguist always helps!

So now; to my best orgasm - which one I say??  Oh so many; mountain tops, in the Med,  felatio, underneath , on top like the couple above, multiple orgasms……

Coming together…… we start in the missionary then I close my legs, I can feel him so well now, insistently pushing, straddling me, my legs are slightly parted pushing at his.  I feel his whole length now, thrusting again and again growing larger and stronger with each stroke.  My G spot starts to heat, fire leaps like a demented Lotus flower with psychedelic petals.  My clitoris starts to grow, feeling the softness around his cock as it gently pounds it.  Fractal feelings pulse from my mind and the dance begins – my heat his heat – our bodies becoming one pulsating, joyous organism our heat blending and dancing, flickering with all-encompassing passion . 

Thrust …. thrust ….. moan ...grab ….pull …. push ………..FEEL………

We are one and not of this world, the corporeal slips away, our minds seem suspended in an eternal moment then the pulse runs along our bodies, first mine then his following close behind  our spasms of pleasure time themselves together as uterus kisses the eye and drinks his pleasure.  Erogenous zones sing with a note beyond hearing.  We cry out, my head hits his chest as I curl with the intensity of it and the moment becomes as we pulse into reality again and the pleasure fills our whole bodies.  As the orgasm that is ours subsides we laugh with the sheer joy of being able to know such passion and at having found each other.

This was the orgasm I was lucky enough to experience on my birthday this year which is also our anniversary - 18 years of incredible pleasure, total lust and very deep love.   He is my best friend and my greatest lover.

All pictures and words are property of the artist, Christina J Phillips, reproduction with permission only.  These will be available as prints very soon on Saatchi after I have given them a going over at very high res.

@ehenriksdotter getting stuck in photograph manipulation!! I... on Twitpic

@ehenriksdotter getting stuck in photograph manipulation!! I... on Twitpic

Friday, 11 November 2011

Playing with my GIMP

I've been playing with a manipulation program called GIMP, it is amazing freeware.  I have doctored two images for use in a piece I am writing for Elinros Henriksdotter http://www.henriksdotter.eu/  and her 100 orgasms project. 
Hold on I'm coming on fire, still not quite finished but I thought I'd get it up!!

Pleasure me, I thought it was finished but now I am looking at it fresh I think a little edge tweaking is needed.