Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Rodeo Girl - getting hotter!

All of the sculptural work is finished now and my horny little couple are in the kiln getting even hotter as I write this.  I have heard no 'clunk's' so far so hopefully all is well and there will be no firing damage.  I found it very difficult to choose which pictures to put up and there will be more when they are out but here are a few to be going on with....

It's Ok she know's what she's doing - she's an artist :))

For those who think that this is just a bit of rude artisan work designed to be controversial and wowing - this piece is about sexual politics!  Nuff said??  I dunno - how often do you see a woman with her clothes on in a sex scene?  How often do you see a girl fucking a guy?  I bet some of you thought it was a guy?  Does he look like he is enjoying himself?  Does she look cruel?  Or is that love and hot concentration on her face? Are either of them classically good looking?  Is her strap on bigger than his cock!!? lol.

Personally I think every woman should know what it is like to fuck and every guy should know what it is like to be fucked, but it's whatever turns you on eh?

Thanks for your visit :)


  1. Love this! The piece itself is beautifully created and the provocative thoughts that it helps ignite are ones well worth exploring...

    I utterly agree with your last 'fucking' sentiment... yeehar! (sorry... it was unstoppable)


    1. Yeehar! Is exactly the right reaction to this piece :))