Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Rodeo Girl ...making erotica

Sorry the posts have been a bit sporadic, finding the time to download my pic's and post at the same time as being a mum, doing my tutoring and the normal day to day running of Blackcutwitch Designs can be hard.  So here are a few pic'c from the last weeks making sessions.


Her sleeves are on and her hands are done.  Couldn't resist a few humerous shots while his head is still loose!
 Guess where the weak point is?! Ha ha!  A little slip should sort that out which gives me the opportunity to say 'I just need to stick a little slip on her Dildo'   Ah!  Innuendo heaven.
Perfect little cowboy boots, no spurs!!!     

Let me out - have you seen what she is doing to my body?  I want to feel that!

Finally his head can go on.  He needs some plumping  and his hands doing and then it will be a long dry before the nail biting kiln firing.

At last he got a cock of his own, but I can reassure you -  hers is bigger :)

Ta for your visit.

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